Prospective Students

Do you want to do your Master’s or PhD with me?1

You will first need to apply to and be accepted by the University of Victoria. If you are applying for an NSERC or equivalent scholarship/fellowship, please feel free to contact me first.

Your interests and skills should have some (a lot) of overlap with what I do. For more on that, see my research page, or my blog, or Google Scholar. In general, if you care about software, putting software together, making sure software does what we want, we can probably sort something out.

What will you get out of it? You will be trained in how to conduct research, how to write and communicate your ideas to others, including industry practitioners; you will write software; you will help push forward the boundaries of knowledge in software research. It’s an exciting time to be in research!

Email me:

For potential MSc students: If you acquired research experience during your undergraduate degree, please tell me about it. Publications in respected conferences or international journals, an undergrad thesis, a Capstone project, an undergrad research assistant position or a directed studies project make you a stronger candidate.

For potential PhD students: Tell me about your previous graduate work and include PDFs of your thesis and your best and most recent publications. PhD applicants should have a strong background in computer science or software engineering research (or a related field).

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I receive many emails from prospective students and providing me with all of the requested information will help your email stand out!


  1. Cribbed largely from the CHISEL group page↩︎