Day Hikes


September 8, 2016

A list of long, high vertical day hikes I have done and wish to do. I think looking back the most common theme to all of them was “bring more water”.

Hike Name Length Elevation Gain Elevation Notes
Black Tusk 29km/18mi 1740 m/5700’ 7600’ Highly exposed last section up remaining volcanic core. See details
Lions 16km/10mi 1280m/4200’ 5427’ I remember when we did it in 2001 or so there being little to no trail markers. Trail page
Triple Crown (Finlayson, Work, Gowlland Range ) ? Maybe 10mi/16km ? Probably around 1000m/3200’ 1375’ I couldn’t find details on this, but the gist is to hike up Finlayson, go down the backside, then back up along the Gowlland Tod ridge above the inlet, then up Mt Work at the end.
Half Dome 26km/16mi 1450m/4800’ 8839’ Cables! Now need permits to go. Trail page
Mt St Helens 16km/10mi 1370m/4500’ 8366’ Permit needed. Painful boulder climbing and loose scree from middle to end. Insanely exposed rim of crater. Trail page
Golden Ears 24km/15mi 1500m/4900’ 5630’ Some freaking jackrabbit passed us going up and was heading back down before we summited. Even in June had plenty of snow that made the top risky without ice axes and/or crampons. Trail page
Mt Thar No idea. Took about 6 hrs. Yak Mtn is listed as 1640’ for prominence, so I’d guess no more than 1200’ for Thar. Yak: 6693’ Trip report This one is in 103 Hikes in the SW BC, highly recommended.
Monte Bondone, Trentino, IT About 12 hours. Trento centro is 636’, so nearly 6500’ of elevation gain (seems high to me)… 7150’ I started in Vela where my flat was. The Italian Alpine club chapter - S.A.T. - has a good trails site and maintains the helpful markers. You can take a cable car back to the river from Sopramonte to shave a few minutes off.
Mt San Jacinto 30km/19mi 1700m/5600’ 10,833’ TBD! Trail page