Blogging: Fun or Forced?

Why should people blog? Well, in our group we can use it to keep track of what the other is up to viz. research and work. This can help me, for example, see where Lu is at in his thesis work, perhaps offer a comment on his work, suggest a useful avenue for exploration, a paper he hasn’t read, or just ask for clarification (sort of a ‘user-test’ of your thesis ideas :)).

Why does no one blog? Well, my ideas come from management science theory. Generally, humans do things when they perceive value in it. As a group, we generally don’t place a lot of value on sharing and collaborating with each other. Of course, we are one of the better labs at doing this, but still, there is no perceived reward for each of us to post thoughts to a diary such as this. On the contrary, the perception is that there is a negative value: you have to stop work, come up with a few pithy remarks, post the entry, and perhaps have other people use your ideas. They might even reject what you work on… We don’t argue enough in this group… Thus no blog entries, thus no collaboration, thus Lu finishes his thesis without me knowing when that happened.

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